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Welcome to Soda For Dinner, the only blog in all the Kingdom of Interwebbia that covers Pop Culture and Art, Psychology & Social Work, Comic Books, TV, Religion, Autsim, Parenting, Indie Music, Weird Scientific Discoveries, TV, Street Art & Graffiti, Catholicism, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Criminology & Forensic Psychology, 80’s Nostalgia, Movies, Video Games, and Comedy.

This site pulls content from a number of other sites and blogs, but you’ll see some great original material here, too. This eclectic blend of subject matter makes Soda for Dinner a weird, unique reading experience unlike any other you’ll have this lunch break!

There’s much more to come- so stay tuned. In the meantime, you can check out the beta version of this site, Guns and/or Roses. Enjoy- and come back often!

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